High temperature one firing

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Silk screen
(High temperature one firing)

The technique print by the silk screen or draw the glaze directly on the biscuits tiles that are not fired.
By firing at a high temperature of 1,250 ℃, and the glaze is completely united. It can be used regardless of the indoor and outdoor, frost damage areas, salt damage area such harsh conditions.
You will have three-dimensional effect by the thickness of the glaze accumulated in outline.

Silkscreen prints outline to the biscuit.

The glaze with a spray gun for background, etc.

Fine design needs to draw the glaze by the brush.

On-glaze decoration
(Low-temperature double firing)

Brush stroke can be represented by using mainly the oil-based glaze decoration.
When you replicate the painting, carefully reproduce the intent of original.

Draw a picture on fired tile at 1,200 ℃ or more, then again fired at about 800 ℃
Comparing with high temperature one firing, this technique is better for picture requiring to focus on more color.
For the baking of gold and platinum etc, low-temperature firing is essential.

It becomes like oil paintings by firing the brush touch itself.

It is also possible to enhance the weather resistance by overlaying blowing a transparent glaze.

(Low-temperature double firing)

The transfer sheet is excellent in reproducibility of images and original picture compared to other techniques.
It is suitable for a large number, but it can be produced from one sheet.
This technique is from the past,  but technologically developed.
Now it can also be used for outdoor due to weather resistance and abrasion resistance.

Images of memories, art work and historical documents, can be manufactured even one piece.