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Glazed Porcelain Tile

Characteristics of high-performance multi-function tile

1 Anti-slip effect
Slip-resistant special glaze achieved a high CSR and CSR-B score.

2 Antifouling effect
The mineral glass closes the fine pores of the tile surface to prevent dirt entering.

Range Surf

Regular tile

3 Anti-scratch effect

The mineral glass on the surface has Mohs Hardness 8(same as Topaz, while Diamond has 10) will have very little scratches.

4 High wear resistance

The glaze satisfies CLASS IV(for heavy traffic) in European Standard, and best suitable for public space floors.

Added function

CT processing ( by custom order)
The characteristic of charge transfer type oxidation-reduction catalyst is excellent in self-cleaning and durability.

  • Anti-bacteria, along with the deodorant effect can be expected. It has the effect of cleaning the surrounding environment, such as to decompose the NOx and formaldehyde in the air that touches the CT catalyst layer.

Deodorant effect will be recognized at 70% or more.

Antibacterial performance is approved antibacterial effect at 2.0 or higher

  • The oxidation-reduction reaction decomposes substances that cause stains and dirt. Even if the dirt is on the surface, you can wash it away easily with water due to the high water-repellent effect.
  • Regardless of the brightness of the light, it can decompose the dirt and keep the self-cleaning function. The environment adaptive tile does not require any substance of environmental concern.
  • After CT catalyst mixed with glaze and fired at high temperature of 1250 or more, the surface hardness can be achieved and be expected self-cleaning effect for a long time.

RGS-150/ R-401~408
144x144mm (5.67″x5.67″)
Thickness : 9mm (0.35″)