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photocatalyst coating

The main example of construction : a variety of fields, purpose of San flash.

With a hydrophilic “self-cleansing effect”, it enables to reduce the maintenance of the outer wall cleaning.

For the anti-microbial effect, there is a growing needs in the hospital, such as medical facilities to prepare for the risk of infection.

Sun flash has been used in a number of facilities for keeping the anti-smell effect and original look.

Nano Quality photocatalyst coating San flash

The principle of the photocatalyst “San flash” is the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen which is discovered from study of the electrode.
This is a revolutionary Japan invention, which was also a candidate for the Nobel Prize .
Sun flash is using energy of titanium dioxide and the sun, the light. Coating technology with nano level (the size one hundredth) “HVLP” system can spray thin, uniformly, evenly , to coat the surface, high-quality and high durability is achieved.

Air curtain from special nozzle can reduce the scattering to the surroundings, and save the material losses.

There is no smell, contamination without the use of organic solvents

A single application can complete without damaging the surface. The stable coating is possible because dilution is not necessary at the site. But it does not use organic solvents that emit odors during construction, you do not worry about pollution. Also San flash transparency is very high, does not impair the texture and the gloss.

By Antifouling effect with a hydrophilic it wash away dirt nationally by the rain water.

Leading to the cost reduction, “self-cleaning effect.”

When rainwater is attached to the wall, the surface coated with a San flash,  there is water droplets with hydrophilic phenomenon. A water droplets enter into between the dirt and wall, and wash away the dirt naturally. it will also reduce the maintenance costs for cleaning.

[self-cleaning effect]
The wall applied with San flash, such as the building outer wall, it will be hydrophilic effect by coating the surface oxidized.
This effect spreads water droplets of condensation, this phenomenon peel and wash away the dirt automatically.

Antifouling test

Masking the surface of metal coating panel is tested.
The differences in three months has appeared remarkably.

“San flash” part with paint

After one month

After three months

Decomposition an organic compound : purification and deodorization antibacterial of air, creating a comfortable space.

Purification of air

Photocatalyst as anti sick building syndrome

Hazardous chemical substances, including formaldehyde cause of the sick building syndrome.
San flash will have oxidative decomposition, that makes chemicals such as formaldehyde harmless.
(formaldehyde removal rate of 94.9% “)

①Oxygen and moisture in the air, and hazardous chemical substances is flating.

②When the San flash of the wall surface is recieved a light “electronic”, “hole” is generated.

③Oxygen and moisture by the electrons and holes will be changed to “radical”.

④Hazardous chemical substances by the oxidation reaction of the radicals is broken down.

Deodorizing effect

Decomposition odor. Moreover, the effect will last long.

Sun flash will also demonstrate the effect of deodorizing and decomposing the toilet odor, tobacco, garbage, putrid odor, pet odor and even a body smell. Simple application will continue to powerful deodorizing effect last long.

Antimicrobial effect

Excellent antibacterial performance even pathogenic bacteria, mold, moss.

The solution energy of photocatalyst San flash is represented by a numeric value 120kcal / mol, which is equal 30,000 degree. All of the bacteria, virus in this environment can not survive.
The effect is also ideal for humid places such as bathrooms. It suppresses mold and moss.


Photocatalytic antibacterial test results (JIS R1702, ISO 27447)

Bacterial strain The number of bacteria of non-processed state The number of bacteria after Sun flash Antibacterial effect Antibacterial activity value*
Escherichia coli 630,000→ <10 More than 99.99% 4.8
Staphylococcus aureus 460,000→ <10 More than 99.99% 4.6
O-157 250,000→ <10 More than 99.99% 4.3
VRE 270,000→ <10 More than 99.99% 4.4
MRSA 150,000→ 12 More than 99.99% 4.1